Direct Importing Service

Direct Importing Service

Foreign Exposure Ltd. is a proven innovative leader in the field of Global Sourcing and Global logistics. With more than 1.7 million global contacts last 5 years alone at our sourcing site, we know Foreign Exposure will locate the lowest cost global supplier to suit your needs and our seamless logistics delivers the products to your door at one all-inclusive price.

We will handle everything. Our turnkey approach means that your firm will not bear the cost of trying to do international business. We take care of everything including a specialized client website, Production tracking and 24/7 global logistics tracking.

Until recently this service was only available to large superstore chains but now we are offering our service to you.

In the last 5 years Foreign Exposure Ltd. has used our service to help clients import products in Following fields

  • Wholesalers Of Sporting Goods

  • Office Supply Companies

  • Direct Televisions Advertisers

  • National Wildlife Organizations

  • All-terrain Vehicles Wholesaler

  • Specialized National Gaming Promotions

  • E-Scooters And E-Bike Wholesalers

  • E-Bay Power Sellers

We offer a personal service that is completely unique to the import/export business. We do it all from sourcing, ocean shipping, import bonds, customs, domestic shipping with one quoted price period.