Global Manufacturing

Global Manufacturing

Foreign Exposure Ltd. is a proven innovative leader in field of Global manufacturing. Our unique turnkey service locates the most efficient global manufacturer and our seamless logistics delivers the products to your door at one price. Until recently this service was only available to large superstore chains but now we are offering it to you.

Steps to Global Manufacturing

  1. First our client supplies us with an idea we get a sample made.
  2. We negotiate exact production standards and packaging requirements off our clients needs.
  3. We handle all logistics include foreign shipping, global duties, U.S. customs and domestic shipping to your door.
  4. Your company receives the benefits of a customized high value added product delivered to your door at the best price in the world period!

What idea would you like to bring to your market if you could produce it cheap enough? Allow us to take on your toughest supply problem. Why not give Foreign Exposure the opportunity to help you make it happen.

Foreign Exposure Ltd. has done customized global manufacturing in the following areas:

  • Soft Goods (Luggage)

  • Metal Moldings

  • Textiles, Clothing

  • Stainless Steel Items

  • Poly Resins

  • Plastic Molding

  • Glassware

  • Knife Ware