Global Supply Chain Integration

Global Supply Chain Integration

Foreign Exposure Ltd. is a proven innovative leader in the field of Global sourcing and supplying chain integration. With more than 850,000 global contacts last year alone at our sourcing site, we know Foreign Exposure will locate the lowest cost global supplier to suit your needs. Typically we save our clients 40%-60% on there supply cost and our turnkey service delivers the products to your door at one price.

Steps to Global Sourcing

  1. Contact us with a product or picture of a product you wish to source.
  2. We will introduce the product into our global web sourcing software and web crawlers.
  3. In 2-3 weeks we will contact with a comprehensive delivered price quote on the item your firm needs.
  4. We will obtain a sample of the items for your inspection
  5. Your company receives the cost saving of global sourcing and the products are delivered to your door at the best price in the world period!

Foreign Exposure Ltd. has done customized global sourcing in the following areas :

  • Soft Goods (Luggage)

  • All Terrain Vehicles

  • Textiles, Clothing

  • Bicycles, Electric Scooters

  • Sporting Goods

  • All Terrain Vehicles

  • Gaming Promotional Items

  • Furniture, House Wares

  • Glassware,┬áKnife Ware

  • Hats, Leather Goods

  • Food Stuff, Coffee

  • Eye Glasses

  • Electronics, Computers