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Product Sourcing 

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Please review the list of markets and products that Foreign Exposure has found the global answers for in the last 5 years.

 Foreign Exposure Ltd. has used our service to help clients import products the following markets:          

             wholesalers of sporting goods,                                       all-terrain vehicles wholesaler

             Office supply companies                                               Specialized national gaming promotions

             Direct Televisions advertisers.                                        E- scooters and e-bike wholesalers


Foreign Exposure Ltd. has done customized global sourcing in the following areas:                            

            Soft goods (Luggage)                                                   Pens pencils & promotional items

            All terrain vehicles                                                        Furniture, house wares

            Textiles, clothing                                                         Glassware, knife ware

            Bicycles, electric scooters                                             hats, leather goods

            Sporting goods                                                            Gaming promotional items

            Medical supplies                                                           food stuff, coffee

            Shoes                                                                         Eye glasses

            Home electronics                                                          computers     

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Please contact us for all your specialized product needs at or contact us by Phone at 906-370-3323 or Fax 775-258-7370.

Why use Foreign Exposure Ltd. for your global supplier?

Because last year we had over 320,000 global suppliers contact our website from over 39 different countries